Loose natural royal blue sapphire 1.98ct square cushion NO HEAT GIA NEW Ceylon



Loose natural very blue sapphire 1.98 ct. square cushion cut NO HEAT GIA NEW 

One loose natural royal blue sapphire corundum square cushion shape with a brilliant cut crown and step cut pavilion measures 6.89 x 6.74 x 4.64mm, weighing 1.98 carats. The stone is transparent and eye clean with medium dark, vivid blue color. Cut is Very Good. The are no indications of heating. The sapphire is accompanied by Gemological Institute of America Sapphire Report number 2185196189 and Gemological Institute of Columbo Report number CO - BSt - G1I0016 - 001701.
Very unusual to have a non heated sapphire of such a rich color. This is the natural color of the sapphire out of the mine with no treatments. One of natures gifts.

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