Finer Jewelry has a second hand dealer's licence to buy Estate Jewelry. It is very important to deal with someone who has this licence to buy which has been awarded to a few jewelers in Chicago by the city government. We, Chicago's jewelry second hand dealers, are heavily regulated and must report all buying and consignment transactions. This is done to protect consumers and prevent criminal conduct, whether intentional or not. We will need to make a copy of your driver's licence or government issued picture id to make a report to "leads on line", which is seen by police and detectives only. 


Sell Your Jewelry

Step One: Assessment

When you are ready to sell, make an appointment with us. It takes us on average 15 minutes to evaluate each item. The more complicated items can take longer. You are welcome to sit with us while we do this, or you can leave the items with us.  If you have paperwork on the items it can take us less time to evaluate the jewelry. There is no charge for this.  We can buy the jewelry from you outright or we can help you sell it. You do not have to decide on the spot. You can think about it. No pressure. You should get the most that you can from your jewelry's value. We have your best interests at heart. Having gone through a divorce, I know how hard it can be to sell your engagement ring and wedding band. The same is true for inherited family heirlooms after a death. Jewelry carries emotional value as well as financial value. You deserve a fair financial value for your items. I truly believe this.  I will try my best to get you that value. If the emotional value is higher you may end up re-purposing, and remaking some of your jewelry, and keeping it, and we can help you with that also. 

Step Two: Sell Or Consign?

After we asses a value of the jewelry piece or pieces that you want to sell, we will give you a buying price and a consignment price.  If agreeable, we will purchase the item(s) and provide you with immediate payment. If you would prefer to consign your jewelry pieces to us, we will act as your agent and help you sell your jewelry. We will not sell your jewelry without your permission and approval of the final value. I will need a way to contact you immediately if an offer is made below the price we agreed to sell the jewelry for. From experience, the first offer we receive is usually the best offer and should be accepted, even if your expectations are higher. Once an offer is gone, it is a waiting game to get another one higher. We never know how long it will take for something to sell.  We charge a 10% commission fee for the handling of each item once it sells, minus any additional fees such as GIA certificates if needed and eBay fees if it sells on eBay.

Step Three: Consign Your Jewelry

If you leave your items on consignment, we will point out the condition of the item, and repairs if needed. We will clean and polish, authenticate and photograph your jewelry.  If you have any original boxes and receipts or papers, that will also help to sell it. Don't throw away old jewelry boxes! They have value also. 
The jewelry is fully protected by our insurance company while in our possession. If it needs to be graded which adds value to the product we will facilitate this. Usually a GIA grading report will be needed for diamonds and important gem stones which will increase a buyers confidence to buy. We will discuss with you the charge by GIA and the insured shipping price to and from GIA.  It can be difficult to determine the value of estate jewelry. Before it is put up for sale we will try to determine its true market value and discuss this with you. We will sell them on your behalf in our store located at 5 South Wabash Avenue Suite 290, Chicago, IL 60603 and online on our webpage at  We can also discuss other ways to sell your jewelry, at an auction, at gem shows, or through eBay.

What is Estate, Vintage, and Antique?

Estate jewelry describes previously owned jewelry items, which includes Antique and Vintage. Antique jewelry is usually 100 years old, but Art Deco jewelry made in the 1920's and 1930’s is often included. Vintage jewelry, are pieces that are at least 20 years old, or one generation and items that are less than 100 years old or before the 1980’s.

Jewelry Era’s 

Georgian 1714-1837
Victorian 1837-1901
Edwardian 1901-1915
Art Nouveau 1890-1910
Art Deco 1920-1945
Retro 1939-1950
Vintage 1960-1980