GIA red Burmese Ruby 1.38ct oval cut 8.02x5.76x3.61mm new loose gemstone



GIA red ruby Myanmar, Burma 1.38ct oval 8.02x5.76x3.61mm new loose gemstone

One loose beautiful very red natural gemstone with accompanying Gemological Institute of America Ruby Origin Report number 5202922826 issued February 27, 2020 stating:
Cutting Style: Crown...Brilliant Cut
Cutting Style: Pavilion...Step Cut
Species...Natural Corundum
Geographic Origin...Burma (Myanmar)
Treatment: Heated (minor residues)
Weight: 1.38 carats
Measurements: 8.02 x 5.76 x 3.61 mm
Comments: Any statement on geographic origin is an expert opinion based on a collection of observations and analytical data.

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