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GIA Diamond 1.28 carat round brilliant Natural Fancy Dark Orangy Brown Even VS2



~One diamond with Gemological Institute of America Colored Diamond Report issued March 23, 2018 which states as follows:

Report Type:   Grading Report

GIA Report Number:   2191187892

Shape:   Round Brilliant

Measurements:     6.88 - 6.94 x 4.25 mm

Carat Weight:    1.28 carat

Color:  Natural, Fancy Dark Orangy Brown, Even  (Fluorescence: None)

Clarity:  VS2   (Clarity Characteristics: Feather, Cloud, Indented Natural, Needle)

Polish:  Very Good

Symmetry:    Good

Total Depth:     61.4%

Table Size:   61%

Girdle:   Medium to Thick (faceted)

Culet:   None

Inscription(s):   GIA 2191187892

Comments:   Additional clouds are not shown. Pinpoints are not shown.

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