GIA certified marquise brilliant diamond 0.72ct F color VVS2 9.10x5.05x2.97mm



GIA certified marquise cut brilliant diamond 0.72ct F Color VVS2 Clarity 9.10x5.05x2.97mm

Loose natural diamond with GIA grading report number 10109431 issued May 22, 1997 stating:
Shape and cutting style, marquise brilliant
Measurements, 9.10 x 5.05 x 2.97 mm
Weight, 0.72 carat
Clarity grade, VVS2 (feather, bruise, pinpoint, natural, extra facet)
Color grade, F (Fluorescence, none)
Polish, Good
Symmetry, Good
Depth, 58.8%
Table, 58%
Girdle, Very Thin to Thick, faceted
Culet, None
Comments: Internal grain line not shown. Surface grain line not shown.
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