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GIA 2.02 ct Marquise Brilliant Diamond D Color VS2 Clarity 12.43x6.32x4.48mm NEW



GIA 2.02 ct Marquise Brilliant Diamond D VS2 Good/Good 12.43x6.32x4.48mm NEW

One loose natural diamond with accompanying Gemological Institute of America Diamond Grading Report number 11570526 issued July 05, 2001 which states as follows:

Shape and Cutting Style: Marquise BrilliantMeasurements: 12.43 x 6.32 x 4.48 mmCarat Weight: 2.02 carat. Color Grade: D (Fluorescence: Strong Blue). Clarity Grade: VS2 (Clarity Characteristics: Crystal, Feather, Cavity, Indented Natural, Natural, Extra Facet). Polish: GoodSymmetry: GoodTotal Depth: 70.9%. Table Size: 57%. Girdle: Medium to Thick, Faceted. Culet: None. Comments: Clouds are not shown. Surface graining is not shown.




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