14k yellow gold 0.48ct marquise diamond GIA D SI2 solitaire engagement ring 1.5g



14k yellow gold .48ct marquise diamond GIA D SI2 solitaire engagement ring 1.52g

One estate solitaire engagement ring containing one diamond with accompanying Gemological Institute of America Diamond Report number 5182468395 issued May 31, 2017 which states as follows:

Shape and Cutting Style: Marquise Brilliant
Measurements: 8.16 x 4.15 x 2.50 mm
Carat Weight: 0.48 carat
Color Grade: D (Fluorescence: None)
Clarity Grade: SI2 (Clarity Characteristics: Twinning Wisp)
Polish: Good
Symmetry: Very Good
Total Depth: 60.2%
Table: 58%
Girdle: Slightly Thick to Very Thick (Faceted)
Culet: None
Inscription(s): GIA 5182468395 (partially covered by prong, see photos)

The diamond is set in an 18 karat white gold six-prong V-tip mount rising 5.13mm tall and is affixed to a size 5.5 14 karat yellow gold high polish shank measuring 1.7mm at the top to 1.3mm by 0.9mm at the bottom. The ring is stamped "14K / 18K" and has an International Gemological Institute logo followed by "31494501" and ".48". The finished ring weighs 1.52 grams.
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