14k pink gold platinum head solitaire engagement ring sz5.5 1.02ct oval SI1 F


14k pink rose gold platinum head solitaire engagement ring sz 5.5 1.02ct oval F SI1 estate

One oval modified brilliant cut natural diamond with GIA report number 3275691935 issued December 28, 2017, stating:
Inscription registry: GIA 3275691935
Shape: Oval Modified Brilliant
Measurements: 7.15 x 5.51 x 3.76 mm
Weight: 1.02 carat
Depth: 68.2%
Table: 55%
Girdle: Slightly Thick to Extremely Thick
Culet: None
Polish: Very Good
Symmetry: Good
Clarity: SI1 (Clarity Characteristics: Feather, Cloud, Extra Facet)
Color: (Fluorescence: None)
Comments: Clouds, pinpoints and surface graining are not shown.

The diamond is mounted in a platinum solitaire 4-prong head, size 5.50, 14k rose gold shank engagement ring. The ring is 1.75mm wide at the top to 2.15mm mid-shank, to 1.85mm at the bottom. stamped HF&14k.
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