GIA Loose Certified 1.00ct E SI1 Round Brilliant Diamond 3 EX Triple Excellent



GIA Loose Certified 1.00ct E Color SI1 Clarity Round Brilliant Diamond 3 EX Triple Excellent, Excellent cut, Excellent Polish, Excellent Symmetry, No fluorescence. Beautiful diamond.

~ One loose diamond with accompanying Gemological Institute of America Report number 2178088695 issued July 13, 2017 which states as follows:

Shape and Cutting Style: Round Brilliant 

Measurements: 6.37 - 6.41 x 3.99 mm

Carat Weight: 1.00 carat

Color Grade: E (Fluorescence: None)

Clarity Grade: SI1 (Clarity Characteristics: Crystal, Feather, Needle, Indented Natural)

Cut Grade: Excellent

Polish: Excellent

Symmetry: Excellent

Total Depth: 62.4%

Table Size: 59%

Crown Angle: 34.0°

Crown Height: 14.0%

Pavilion Angle: 41.6°

Pavilion Depth: 44.5%

Star Length: 55%

Lower Half: 75%

Girdle: Medium to Slightly Thick (faceted) 4.0%

Culet: None

Inscription(s): GIA 2178088695

Comments: Clouds are not shown. Pinpoints are not shown.

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