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16.80ct loose natural emerald rough crystal Boyaca, Columbia 23x15.5x11.3mm NEW



16.80ct loose natural emerald rough crystal Boyaca, Columbia 23x15.5x11.3mm NEW

One (1) loose natural emerald beryl rough crystal weighs 16.80ct, measuring approximately 23.00mm x 15.50mm x 11.30mm.  Color has medium to medium dark Tone, strong Saturation, very slightly bluish-Green Hue.  Clarity is semi-transparent to translucent, moderately included, type III.  This specimen is from the Emerald Mining Region of Boyaca, Columbia, South America.  
Associated Minerals: Black Carbonaceous Shale, White Calcite, Grey Calcite, Pyrite, Albite, Light brown Limestone Shale.

"Ever since the Stone Age, emerald has been regarded as the most divine of all precious stones.  This gemstone is magnificent for regeneration and rejuvenation and deserved special attention for its healing effect on vision.  The emerald promotes harmony and hope (preciousltd)."

"Since 1986 when emerald prices soared, the miners in Columbia began breaking each and every rock they found in order to search for more valuable green.  Many fine specimens get smashed in this unfortunate manner.  One must also consider the untold number of emeralds that get smashed by geologic forces during the 200-plus millions years of geologic upheaval.  The incredible journey from crystallization deep beneath the surface to being geologically upthrust to where human will find them is a journey of both hazard and destiny.  This makes all natural emerald in matrix specimens special, rare and unique.  They are as old as a mountain and a treasure to revere."

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